GalaxyTweaker Kickstarter Campaign Update – August Newsletter

Greetings Astronauts,
Another month has passed by, and this one has been busy! We have been teasing our upcoming Kickstarter in the past two months, and it won’t be long before it kicks off. With the Kickstarter campaign comes our final beta testing session, this will be one of the rewards for donating to our Kickstarter, you will be able to experience GalaxyTweaker before anyone else in it’s final stages before release!
Besides receiving access to our final beta testing session, there will be many more rewards for both donators and investors of our program. There will be several categories of rewards depending on the amount you’ve donated to our Kickstarter, expect things such as a GalaxyTweaker subscription for multiple accounts, cosmetics and our top donators will even get some GalaxyTweaker merchandise in the future! With these rewards, we hope to launch a successful campaign of raising 15.000$, which all goes towards an optimal release of GalaxyTweaker. Expect this Kickstarter to launch soon!
Make sure to join our Discord and follow our social medias to be the first person to hear about the Kickstarter when it launches! By keeping track of both our social medias and our Discord, you will be gaining access to some major giveaways in the near future! The GalaxyTweaker team is currently working on a giveaway using, and a referral system is to be expected. These will be one of the many ways to get your hands on some GalaxyTweaker related items for free!
We’re happy to announce that our program is being finalized by the day, bugs are being squashed, features are being extended and GalaxyTweaker is almost ready to launch. This has been a very busy month for the entire team behind GalaxyTweaker, all this work is being done with optimism, and we are all excited to launch our Kickstarter and move forward!
Thank you for reading our Newsletter, we hope you’ve had a great month. Major things are coming up for GalaxyTweaker, so make sure to frequently check our social medias, and we hope to encounter you in our Kickstarter campaign! We’ll see you in the next month!
-The GalaxyTweaker Team

Written by: Thomas, Community Manager