GalaxyTweaker – June & July Newsletter

Greetings Astronauts,

Our last newsletter announced an upcoming Kickstarter for GalaxyTweaker, this has been delayed until further notice. We wish to ensure all of GalaxyTweaker’s users with the best possible experience, and we think that by postponing our Kickstarter, we would be able to give our community a much better view of our program.

Our team works hard everyday towards this ideal of ensuring the happiness of our users, in the past month we’ve expanded our team of developers, we hope to expand our program even more and remove any flaws within the program with this new team. There’s been many program updates within the last month, and we’re very thankful to the community for being patient for the release of GalaxyTweaker!

Besides program changes, our website has been remodeled as well. Through user feedback, we made changes to our website to fulfill our community’s likings, if you think there should be any other changes to our website, feel free to send us an E-Mail or contact Thomas in the GalaxyTweaker Discord.

With more developers on board, we’re very optimistic about the release. We expect to go public very soon, and work hard on a daily basis to set up a successful launch of GalaxyTweaker and a fully optimized program for our customers to use.

Thank you for being subscribed to our Newsletter, and as always, hope you’ve had a great month. Make sure to actively keep track of GalaxyTweaker’s Social Media to be the first person to hear about any upcoming events and updates. Be on the lookout for news regarding our release this month, thank you for reading and we’ll see you in the next month!

-The GalaxyTweaker Team


Written by: Thomas, Community Manager